A Video of Your Life
By: Gary D. Lee

I must confess, I was recently pulled over for failing to stop for a stop sign by a very nice police officer. He was very nice because he let me go. No, that’s not the real reason he was nice. The real reason is because he showed me what I did wrong. Let me explain.

I was busy talking to my wife when I came to the stop sign, stopped, looked both ways and went on. Almost immediately I noticed a police car in my rear view mirror with its lights flashing so I pulled over. When the officer told me that I had run a stop sign, I was shocked. Then he took me to his vehicle and showed me the video. I was even more shocked when I saw that I did indeed run the stop sign. All I could say is, “I had no idea I did that.”

Now, the reason I bored you with that bit of info is that we often do things of which we are not aware we are doing. For instance, we may be busy dealing with life’s problems and when God throws up a stop sign, we run through it. Not seeing God’s signs not only brings more problems but it is also sinful behavior. One day, God will play back our life to us and we will be shocked at the things we have done. He will then separate the goats from the sheep (Matt. 25:32-33) and the goats will complain, “Lord, when did we see you… (Matt. 25:44)?” The question that you must ask yourself now is, “Am I so busy living life that I don’t see the giver of life?” What can you do today to ensure that you glorify God and have a happy ending to your life’s video?