Michael Jordan On Teamwork
By: Preaching Today

When Michael Jordan re-entered the NBA in 2001, there was a new and unusual rule enforced during a Washington Wizards basketball scrimmage: a no-shooting rule for Jordan.

In one exhibition match, Jordan's teammates stood around and waited for him to perform. The following day, Jordan and coach Doug Collins put a stop to that.

Jordan said, "Everybody wants to sit back and watch. But one [reason] why we became successful in Chicago was…we had to play as a unit instead of just watching.

"What makes me more effective is other guys stepping up and being a threat. If I'm the only threat, then I'm doing all the work. Obviously that's not going to work."

Jordan held fast to the no-shoot rule, even with the outcome of the scrimmage on the line. He was passed the ball with his team trailing by one and less than five seconds left, but he didn't take the open shot and passed the ball back.

How many Christians act as spectators of the ministry, when God has called them to be participants?

- Des Moines Register as reported from PreachingToday