The Supremacy Of God In Preaching
By: Jason Cruise


The Supremacy of God in Preaching
John Piper
Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1990

Piperís book was an easy yet compelling read. I appreciated his devotion to the necessity of God-centered preaching.

He spends the first half of the book giving commentary on the ways by which a preacher can keep his preaching God-focused. One can easily detect that Piper loves the classics in the arena of preaching for he quotes often from preachers of days gone by. This is always a delight for someone like me because, having not lived in that day or era, one can yet still glean truths from more recent heroes of the preaching world.

Piperís last half of the book is spent attempting to exegete the preaching life of Jonathan Edwards. His reasoning for this is that he views Edwards as one of the greatest preachers this world has known. He devotes this half of the book to illustrating how Edwards kept God at the center of his preaching.

I enjoyed the book. It was not a book devoted to hard line, factual methods of how to enhance your preaching. It was a refreshing read nonetheless. Piperís words tend to keep the preacher grounded in the focus of honoring God with what we say each Sunday ... a much needed reminder in todayís modern church world.

Preach On ... Jason Cruise